Fr. Michael Della Penna with the children

Welcome o The Valley Of The Angels

Isabella, February'2012 Angel of the Month

VERONICA, is a special girl at the orphanage. In the above photo, she is the girl in the middle wearing a red t-shirt and a green one at the photo to the right. As part of our "Soy tu angel" program, she one of three girls that our volunteer, Patty de Luna, sponsors. Veronica is in many ways quite courageous but who is often understandably pensive; as she is contemplating a life without sight. She suffers from a hereditary eye condition which will render her blind within a few years.


Recently, Veronica, two other girls and Patty went to the beach. At the beach, she often paused snd reflected as she played, as it was her second time she had ever seen the ocean. When asked about what she thought about her upcoming quince anis celebration she explained that: "This means God gave me 15 years of life. It is a celebration of this gift of life, but also is a new beginning. It means starting a new life that is better than your life before and looking forward to new positive things." When asked about what she looked forward to the most Veronica responded that she would like to help street children and be a teacher for the blind. For this reason we are choosing Veronica as our Angel of the month.


I would like to add Pope Francis's message for the blind and visually impaired, issued on June 11, 2013. The pope said on that today, the Gospels tell us that Jesus had a particular care for the blind. Besides other sick persons, He healed many blind persons, the Pope said, “But the healing of a visually impaired person has special symbolic meaning: it represents the gift of faith. It is a sign that concerns us all because we all need the light of faith to walk along the path of life. This is why Baptism, which is the first Sacrament of Faith, was also called 'illumination' in antiquity.”


The Holy Father prayed that Christ would renew in the members of the association the gift of faith, so that their spirits “may alway have God's light, the light of love that makes sense of our lives, illuminates it, gives us hope, and makes us good and available to our brothers and sisters.” Concluding his message to them, Pope Francis urged the group to not only spread a culture of solidarity towards the disabled, but also encouraging them to take an active part in society. “I entrust you all to the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother. I ask you to pray for me and for my service to the Church and I wholeheartedly bless you, together with your loved ones,” the Pope said.

Fr. Michael Della Penna, OFM