Fr. Michael Della Penna with the children

Welcome o The Valley Of The Angels

Fr. Michael Della Penna with childrenTHE FRIARY GROUNDS, comprise of a wide variety of plant life and natural landscapes, that immediately welcome each visitor to the friary. Upon arrival at the top of the entry driveway, one is met with a beautiful array of flowers, adding a multiude of colors to this beautiful, pristine environment.


If one is afforded the opportunituy to walk the grounds and explore the diversity of plant life, it would not be a short undertaking. The grounds are quite large in size and require a fit physical state to capture all that there is to view!


For those who have never been to the friary grounds, we hope this photo gallery, one of two dedicated to the friary grounds, will help you visualize God's presence in nature at the friary, that you too like us, will send your praises and gratitude above to God, for this wonderful gift that we are afforded to enjoy and treasure each day!














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